Documents Required for Setting Up an FZE Company in JAFZA

Documents Required for Setting Up an FZE Company in JAFZAJebel Ali Free Zone is considered to be one of the most popular free zones having better chances of growth and success for the companies. The main reason behind its fastest growth is basically its location as it is located on the western side of Dubai.

Customer oriented free zone

Another reason why business Set Up in JAFZA welcomes a lot of opportunities and benefits is because it has been made in a way to attract more customers towards it.

Due to its large area, almost 7,000 companies have been opened here and a lot more are still in the process of becoming a part of JAFZA.

Business set up in JAFZA     

it is a great offer for all the people looking forward to their own business setups. JAFZA is a great customer oriented and service driven free zone allowing more and more people to become a part of it. Go to this link for details

Major business hub

We all know that we keep on working so that we can achieve our goals. So is the case with JAFZA. JAFZA is also striving to become the major business hub of not just UAE but all over the world. For this purpose, it is carrying out all the things it should which would help it in becoming the best free zone of the world allowing more companies to get set up here.

Company registration JAFZA

for the formation of a company in JAFZA, a single shareholder is enough. All of the company formation processes have been made a lot easier for the people so that they may get to open their businesses without having to go through different complexities. Also find more details about JAFZA offshore company formation.

Documents Required for Setting Up an FZE in JAFZA

  • Application form for setting up the company
  • Passport of the manger that has been selected along with a copy
  • Passports of all the shareholders with copies individually
  • NOC Letter from the sponsor of each of the shareholder that is the resident of UAE
  • Project summary
  • Undertaking letter with the application form for Environment Health and Safety (EHS)

Some additional Documents for Individual Shareholders

  • Shareholders’ business profile
  • Board resolution for a company set up
  • signature of Manager’s specimen

some Additional Documents for Non-Individual Shareholders and for a Branch of a Foreign Company

  • signature of the manager which must be attested by JAFZA
  • Attested and notarized Memorandum (MOA) and Articles of association (AOA)
  • Registration Certificate
  • Chamber of Commerce certificate copy (in case of a branch)
  • Official letter from the parent company for the sake of setting up a branch in JAFZA (in case of a branch)

Benefits of Setting Up an FZE in JAFZA

  • 100% foreign ownership

This is the dream of most of the entrepreneurs and JAFZA is all here to provide you with that.

  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits

You will get the capital and profits back fully.

  • Minimum capital investment is not required

There is no particular amount that you have to invest in company formation in JAFZA.

  • Liability of a shareholder is limited to one’s paid-up share capital

The shareholder will only be liable to the paid-up share capital

  • No restrictions on currency exchange

If the shareholder wants to exchange currency, he will not be restricted to do so. Which means he will be allowed to exchange as much currency as he wants.

  • Exemption from personal income tax

The company formed in JAFZA will be free of all the income taxes.

  • No corporate tax (for 50 years, and renewable)

The company will be allowed not to pay corporate tax for almost 50 years. Also, the exemption from the tax after 50 years can be renewed as well.

  • No import or re-export duty

 As FAR Consulting Middle East, import anything you want and export anything you want in JAFZA as there are no duty charges on that.