A Guide to Coworking Space in Thailand

A Guide to Coworking Space in Thailand

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Coworking Thailand offers an range of good workspace options for professionals residing in the country and digital nomads. Regardless of whether you decide to work in Bangkok or pick the increasingly popular Koh Lanta, your business will benefit from the variety of amenities available to coworking professionals. However, when searching for a space, there are so many considerations to keep in mind.

Because no one coworking space is the same, you can come across some very interesting enclaves. With the principle of getting coworking professionals together to boost collaboration, the coworking space becomes the marketplace where ideas get exchanged and innovation births some pretty good ideas. In Thailand’s beautiful landscape, your coworking space awaits you, but you do have to do a little research. Take a look at the Servcorp coworking space in Bangkok for a great example of what is on offer.

Let’s take a closer look at a few key things you need to look for when searching for the right coworking space in Thailand.

Basic Plan

Before joining a space, take a minute to look at a few of the coworking spaces you are interested in and what they offer their renters. Typically, your basic coworking plan will provide professionals with the choice of a hot desk, a dedicated desk, and in some cases, a private office. The hot desks are less inexpensive but provide professionals with more opportunities to engage with other professionals from a diverse array of industries.

These plans usually come with amenities and the use of standard office equipment. Finally, renters can reserve meeting and conference rooms on an as-needed basis. For all of this, your monthly overhead is so much cheaper than any other option outside of the virtual office.

Types Of Coworking Space

While the general concept of coworking engenders the idea of professionals from various industries all lined up at their workstations working, there a few types of spaces. The niche spaces cater to those businesses with a specific mission. For example, the start-up was one of the initial businesses that saw value in this style of working. However, today, there are coworking spaces devoted to helping start-ups build their business.

Then, there are the industry-specific coworking spaces that cater to particular professions. In fact, the most popular type is the coworking space devoted to supporting enterprise in the technologies. Whether dealing with the niche coworking space or industry-specific ones, many of these spaces require an interview to be accepted, so do not be surprised if coworking space managers ask you to sit for one.

Primary Benefits

The benefits to coworking are many. However, one of them is related to the cost-savings over time. Businesses save monthly on rent, but they also save on the expenses related to running an office, which can add up. Additional savings you get are related to the costs associated with attending events because many coworking spaces place great emphasis on hosting events that support networking in the community. While there might be a surcharge for attending events, it is more inexpensive than attending events outside the coworking community.

Another major benefit is that the networking that happens as a result of the events held and daily interactions in the workspace prime your business for collaborative projects. Pitch nights, movie nights, and barbecues can all be events that galvanise professionals in the community. All of this social interaction and networking build the foundation of collaborative relationships. When professionals have the chance to work in teams with others, it is an opportunity to raise the profile or your business.

Coworking Thailand

The chance to work with a diverse group of people in an exciting work environment is the draw for many professionals. The coworking space can make the work of networking easy for those who are not social butterflies, and for those who are, you are in your element. Regardless of what type of social professional you are, the coworking space can help position your business for success.