Ten Innovative Marketing Concepts Your Company Can’t Do Without

Although the basics of marketing are mainly unchanged, the overall landscape is in continuous motion. The technology progress makes everything unfold much faster and companies that want to keep pace with this trend need to educate themselves on these new tools and techniques for spreading their messages to consumers. Here are ten marketing concepts you should master:

1. Mobile Domination

You may have already heard that mobile is becoming more and more important. U.S. consumers spend more time on their smartphones and tablets than desktop computers and laptops. This is the perfect time for you to learn as much as you can about mobile searching, optimisation, user experience, and conversion rates. We are all hooked on mobile devices and this is something smart marketers should use to gain a nice competitive edge.

2. Customer Segmentation

Companies should know how they acquired those names on their marketing lists and collect demographic information with the purpose of improving their targeting accuracy. Why send out half a million email messages if you have no idea who’s going to receive them? Make sure you have a method to keep your leads and prospects organised by demographics so that you know what part of your audience is the best fit for each of your promotional campaigns.

3. Integrate Sampling Into Your Social Media Strategy

According to a Product Sampling Council survey, 92 percent of subjects stated they would purchase a new product if they tried a sample and liked it. What’s the meaning of this insight? Sampling does work. All you need is to hand out your product to the right consumers. You can use social media websites like Facebook to distribute your samples to people who match your desired demographic profile. As demographic data is already linked to their Facebook profiles, marketers can use Facebook to collect valuable information when distributing their samples. They can also track future purchases with ease. Furthermore, consumers will probably share your samples with their peers, thus increasing brand awareness and consumer trust, eventually leading to a better ROI.

4. Brand Ambassadorship

Encouraging your best employees and your loyal consumers to become brand ambassadors can bring you a significant gain in terms of marketing. Although business owners may have a hard time at understanding this concept, creating brand ambassadors leads to attracting more people to become your customers. As loyal followers will speak for your brand, they will … Read More